[ANN] liborcus updated to 0.13.3 on master

Kohei Yoshida libreoffice at kohei.us
Thu Feb 15 03:33:25 UTC 2018

FYI, I've just updated the liborcus package to 0.13.3 on the master
branch.  Due to some failing unit tests when using earlier versions of
orcus, I've also upped the baseline to 0.13.3 as well.

The highlight of this release is mostly wrt the improvements in loading
Excel 2003 XML documents.  I haven't done any objective comparison
between the previous XSLT-based Excel 2003 XML import filter and the
orcus-based one, but I believe the orcus-based one now should be pretty
comparable to the old one in general, and in some areas works much


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