Constraining LibreOffice as called in LibreOfficeKit to improve stability

Sander Maijers s.n.maijers at
Wed Feb 21 12:55:02 UTC 2018

I’m running LibreOffice 6 through LibreOfficeKit calls (saveAs), and I’m 
interested in stabilizing and isolating LibreOffice during calls into 
it. My only purpose is document conversion. How can I minimize:

- the amount of user profile IO

- interactions with other processes

- network endpoints and the filesystem in general

- internal features that can cause instability (threading and locks) or 
are superfluous (e.g. scripting, rendering, etc.)?

There’s a list of environment variables at

A good deal of them seem to be useful to constrain LibreOffice’s 
behavior. I would be interested in your advice: which of these would be 
most useful for me? Do you have other suggestions? I hope to be able to 
document useful environment variables on the Wiki in the process.

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