new version libreoffice viewer or android viewer

krishna krishna at
Wed Feb 21 05:53:37 UTC 2018

first of all thanks to libreoffice viewer or android viewer devs for almost reducing crashes/endless loop issues on master daily builds. 

i have recently noticed on store [ 1 ], app has been updated or upgraded on february 15, 2018.

i am just curious whether the release has been announced on official channels: irc, telegram, twitter, blog, etc.. apk is uploaded to archive [ 2 ].

if it was released for trial basis or limited to few persons, please excuse for my mail.

* did not see announcement on this mailing list
* awareness of existence of android version [ thank you for mentioning in 6.0 release notes ]
* more persons can resolve mab
* more persons can create meaningful issues with adb logs on bugzilla

irc: kr1shna

[ 1 ]
[ 2 ]

krishna [ never ever ask about my real name or identity ]

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