ScFiltersTest::testOrcusODSStyleInterface fails with liborcus 0.13.3

Olivier Tilloy olivier.tilloy at
Thu Feb 22 13:01:55 UTC 2018


I initially filed but it was
suggested to me to raise the issue on the mailing list instead.

So here it goes: when building libreoffice 6.0 with an external
liborcus (version 0.13.3), unit tests fail:

Test name: ScFiltersTest::testOrcusODSStyleInterface
equality assertion failed
- Expected: Color: R:254 G:255 B: 204
- Actual : Color: R:255 G:255 B: 255

This is most likely caused by that upstream change:

I'm not familiar with that code, but I came up with a tentative patch
(which I will actually put to the test soon):

--- a/sc/source/filter/orcus/interface.cxx
+++ b/sc/source/filter/orcus/interface.cxx
@@ -839,7 +839,7 @@ void ScOrcusStyles::fill::applyToItemSet

-    rSet.Put(SvxBrushItem(maBgColor, ATTR_BACKGROUND));
+    rSet.Put(SvxBrushItem(maFgColor, ATTR_BACKGROUND));

Thoughts and feedback welcome!



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