ScFiltersTest::testOrcusODSStyleInterface fails with liborcus 0.13.3

Rene Engelhard rene at
Thu Feb 22 14:14:00 UTC 2018


On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 08:21:40AM -0500, Kohei Yoshida wrote:
> > I initially filed
> > but it was
> > suggested to me to raise the issue on the mailing list instead.
> > 
> > So here it goes: when building libreoffice 6.0 with an external
> > liborcus (version 0.13.3), unit tests fail:
> > 
> > subsequent_filters-test.cxx:2398:Assertion
> > Test name: ScFiltersTest::testOrcusODSStyleInterface
> > equality assertion failed
> > - Expected: Color: R:254 G:255 B: 204
> > - Actual : Color: R:255 G:255 B: 255
> > 
> > This is most likely caused by that upstream change:
> >
> Yes, so, you have raised this in a timely fashion.  While I was backporting a patch against orcus for the 6-0 branch last night, I did notice the possibility of this very issue, and was thinking of how to address it for that branch.  Since you've already discovered this and emailed it to the list, let me provide my thoughts on this.
> First of all, your patch should work fine.  However, with this change, we need to ensure that liborcus version 0.13.3 or later be used.  If you used an earlier version this change does break things.
> What I was thinking of proposing is backporting the following commits:
> 20945a9a4de6684010fd5b3603595e6da543807d
> a1c36eff089c3cd695bd78090575ca1c7677121e
> raise the orcus baseline to 0.13.3, and commit all of these as a single backport commit to ensure that these all happen atomically.  This way if someone wants to build from the 6-0 branch using the system liborcus then the configure script should be able to catch it and fail.
> How does this sound?

I think that should be done. I uploaded 0.13.3 to Debian (and Ubuntu
synced it) for 6.1 needing it (and bumped the build and runtime
dependency there already..) but when 6.0 breaks with it (should have
known better and tried...) that imho should be done, yes...

Will backport both patches above as a local patch for now.



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