Invoking gla11y [was: core.git: bin/gla11y solenv/gbuild]

Samuel Thibault sthibault at
Fri Feb 23 15:12:39 UTC 2018

Stephan Bergmann, on jeu. 22 févr. 2018 18:03:28 +0100, wrote:
> Now, gla11y shall do two things:
> 1  Find newly introduced bugs in .ui files.
> 2  Find existing bugs in .ui files

For now, I have pushed this to gerrit

It introduces the suppresion mechanism and a suppression file for each
module. The build is silent except some

0 new error (2 suppressed by /mnt/sthibault/libreoffice/solenv/sanitizers/ui/svt.suppr)

I was indeed thinking that we could have a target which just runs gla11y
on all modules with ui files. I'm just not sure how it should plug into
makefiles, I guess just adding to gbuild_TARGETS but put the rules in


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