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Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Mon Feb 26 11:26:54 UTC 2018

Hi Ekansh,

Ekansh Jha píše v Po 26. 02. 2018 v 15:31 +0530:

> Adding to my last mail.
> To explore, I have started reading about VML by
> /1998/NOTE-VML-19980513#h2:introduction, and understanding the code
> from I am
> also searching for each and every blog that can be beneficial for
> this task and have read blog by
> Miklos.
> I would like to understand about implementation of VML. It would be
> really helpful if I could get help to better understand this problem
> and can get any type of documentation or blogs which will help in
> this task.

Oh - it turned out that there is not much to be done for this VML task;
instead we direct people towards the diagramming GSoC task:

Are you willing to consider this task instead?  I'll remove the VML
task from the Ideas now - sorry for the inconvenience :-(

All the best,

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