Implementing accessibility non-regression check tool

Samuel Thibault sthibault at
Tue Feb 27 14:59:32 UTC 2018

Michael Stahl, on mar. 27 févr. 2018 15:23:43 +0100, wrote:
> i'm wondering, not having looked at your tool: if it doesn't print line
> numbers, is it easy to figure out which XML element it warns about?
> would the element contain some unique text or have a unique identifying
> attribute?

It does print the widget class and id (if any, some of them don't have
any unfortunately)

> line number is just one way of doing it, if there's an equivalent way to
> find it with search in the text editor it should be fine, these UI files
> aren't that huge...

Yes, it's just that it can still be inconvenient to find.


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