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jan iversen jani at
Tue Jan 2 19:42:28 UTC 2018

libassuan is part of the gpg4libre subsystem, and rather certainly not
> useful on iOS. I suggest to disable that, like on Android (there's a
> feature check define now, HAVE_FEATURE_GPGME).

Thanks for the info, I can see HAVE_FEATURE_GPGME is being defined in, but it not declared in
config_host/ or

so it seems not to be available to clang or make ?

I cannot see how to disable it, I need to disable it both for iOS and for
cross-toolset (that runs on normal Mac).

My problem is svidl (part of cross-toolset), when called it tries to load

Funny thing is that when I build for MAC I have no problem.

Please advice me, how to disable GPGME for both build and host

Thanks in advance.
jan I.
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