Equivalent of the MS Office Interop DLLs

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Thu Jan 4 16:12:57 UTC 2018

On 02.01.2018 17:05, Kevin Merrill wrote:
> Where can I find documentation as to how to achieve the same behavior
> from LibreOffice as I get from the exposed objects and methods of the MS
> Office Interop DLLs for Word and Excel

i don't know what "Interop DLLs" are but apparently it's something for
.NET - you can use the CLI UNO language binding to access the LO API
from any .NET language, it's documented here:


by the way, we can't update this documentation so it is slightly
outdated, in particular 64-bit should work too in current LO versions.

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