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On 5 January 2018 at 06:35, Jon Nermut <jon.nermut at> wrote:

> Hi Jan,
> I've added the UIScrollView into the mix - you can now scroll and zoom and
> it's nicely re-rendering at higher res when zooming. It surprisingly good
> for a first cut. Havent tried it on device yet.
> One question - is there meant to be rendered page backgrounds/edges?
> Currently the entire background is white, with no page edges, so the pages
> kind of run into each other on a large doc.
My intention was to use the whole size for the text, to maximise that text
viewable, and thus no need for edges. However it would be nice if the
program has something like night settings as in iBook.

> The glitchiness problem on the tile edges was a wrong hardcoded DPI
> constant in salgdicommon.cxx:
> -    rDPIX = rDPIY = 200; // FIXME
> +    // This matches the default for VirtualDevice, and the calculations
> +    // in the paint tile methods. (SwViewShell::PaintTile and elsewhere)
> +    rDPIX = rDPIY = 96;
I will look into this as well

> I was compensating for this with a scaling of 2.0, which isn't exactly
> 200/96, hence the small problems at the tile edges.
> All good now, and fixing this meant less messing around with the scaling
> etc.

As you might have seen, I have made several commits on master, solving the
libassuan issue as well as other issues you reported, I am right now
working on the dylib and solar mutex issues.

jan I
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