Design and arquitectural patterns in LibreOffice

Adrián Otero adrianoterotic at
Sat Jan 6 16:56:59 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I'm doing a work of LibreOffice for my University and I need to know what
designs patterns and arquitectural patterns you uses in LibreOffice code.

Example of patterns:

* Design patterns:
      - Creational design patterns: Abstract factory, Singleton, Factory
method, Builder, prototype..
      - Structural design patterns: Facade, Adapter, Bridge, Decorator,
Composite, Flyweight, Proxy...
      - Behavioral design patterns: Strategy, Observer, Command,
Interpreter, Iterator, Mediator, memento, State, Visitor...

* Arquitectural patterns: Client-Proxy, Replicated Server, Pipe and

Could you help me?


Best regards,
Adrián Otero.
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