CppunitTest_xmlsecurity_signing Unit Test Failure on 32-bit Linux

Luke Benes lukebenes at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 22 21:03:06 UTC 2018

This is not a 32/64 bit issue, as I'm seeing this on my 64 bit Ubuntu 17.10 system. The full, unedited log built with SAL_LOG="+WARN.+INFO.xmlsecurity+INFO.comphelper.crypto" 

Can be found here:


The previous log was heavily trimmed to reduce size.  While the OS is different both builds share the same external drive. Could the path length be a problem? (I trimmed the full path in the previous log) Or could this be like the "Unit test PythonTest_solenv_python failing on est_gbuildtojson" issue where a make clean isn't enough and I have to manually remove some file from the source tree? 


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