Render differences of DOCX between Word and LO/AOO

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Tue Jan 23 16:20:14 UTC 2018

On 01/23/2018 03:26 AM, Jens Tröger wrote:

> Any explanation of the different word and character counts? 

Depending upon how one counts, there are either three, or four different
definitions of what constitutes a character. Microsoft Word and
LibreOffice use different definitions, which consequently results in a
different character count for the same text.

Each language has between two and seven ways of defining what
constitutes a word, and, consequently, how to count the number of words
in a document.

LibreOffice and Microsoft Office selected different definitions of what
constitutes a word, which results in each program claiming a different
number of words in the same document.

The simple fix would be an extension that supplies the number of
characters, according to each of those definitions, and then provides
the number of words, according to each of the various rule sets used be
each language.

Assuming the extension drops languages not used in the document, you'd
have a page displaying five lines of character counts and between five
and ten lines of word counts.

Incorporating such an extension into LibO would be counter-productive,
because it would confuse far more people than it would help.

Regina wrote:
>to discuss problems in the code.

The question reflects an issue with the code. More specifically, why
German word counts are used, instead of malformed US_English word counts.


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