Help needed for GSoC 2018 preparation

Saurav Chirania saurav.chir at
Sun Jan 28 12:53:16 UTC 2018

Hi all.

I plan to apply for GSoC this year for the project titled - “Add a DSL to
the UI testing and improve the generated log file” in the GSoC ideas page
of LibreOffice. I read a few blog posts (see footnote) and I’ll be glad if
someone can help me with other resources that will help me prepare for this

To make me familiar with the codes, I started by working on tdf#107501.
However, I need help-

1) Where can I find the manual UI tests (The given link, , requires some log in details, which
I don’t have)

2) Is there any example of manual test and the corresponding automated
test? I want to see that too.

Thank You

Saurav Chirania


Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology (ISM), Dhanbad

Footnote -

I read the following blog posts-



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