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IMO, there's nothing requiring "handling". Oracle declared that it will not continue providing patches for *an aging version* (namely, SE 8) of software, unless those who really need that old version are going to pay for the work of supporting that dinosaur. (And if some business needs that version that badly, paying for that is normal.)

At the same time, they provide newer versions of the software that doesn't have these requirements, which means that if Oracle doesn't have contracts for v8, they may just drop it, and if they have, the contracts would fund the work.

And all that only concerns corporate users.

What is there to handle here at TDF level? the ongoing work to get rid of Java dependency is orthogonal to this.

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When updating my Java installation I was pointed to this notice:


which announces Oracle's intention to require licensing for commercial use as early as next year, and probably for all use after 2020:

Public updates for Oracle Java SE 8 released after January 2019 will not be available for business, commercial or production use without a commercial license.

If you are a CONSUMER using Java for individual, personal use, you will continue to have the same access to Oracle Java SE 8 updates as you do today through at least the end of 2020. In most instances, the Java-based applications you run are licensed separately by a company other than Oracle (for example, games you play on your PC are likely developed by a gaming company). These applications may run on the Java platform and be dependent on Oracle Java SE 8 updates beyond 2020. Accordingly, Oracle recommends you contact your application provider for details on how they plan to continue to provide application support to you.

If you are a DEVELOPER, Oracle recommends you review the roadmap information for Java SE 8 and beyond and take appropriate action depending on the type of application you develop and your distribution model.

Are there plans in place to handle Oracle's move?  I think they should be publicised prominently.  If there are not, it seems a plan is required urgently.


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