Minutes of ESC call 2017-07-05

Sophia Schröder sophia.schroeder at libreoffice.org
Sat Jul 7 16:44:56 UTC 2018

* Documentation (Olivier)
>      + New help
>          + Testing in bug hunting session tomorrow (installs)
>          + Small corrections in XSLT filter
>          + tweaks in CSS by fitoshido – people start contributing
>      + Help contents
>          + cosmetic refactor by SophiaS
>          + Contents for [NatNum12] by Lazlo Nemetz
>          + Contents fixes (ohallot, fitoshido)
> * l10n (Sophie)
> 	+ gave feedback to Olivier on reformat patches – cosmetics changes
> 	  not ideal for our l10n volunteers
> 	+ better to also have actual help content changes alongside

I am with you. Please see my minor cosmetical changes as they are intented:
A ground work for further improvements and easier work with the help 
files themselves.
And it is planned as a "Long Term Project" to not flood translators with 
minor changes at once.

Let me explain it in one phrase as an example:

"Press the Enter key." - In this form, the plain text will be displayed 
to our user.

But hey, we have also at least two other forms of this sentence:

"Press the <emph>Enter</emph> key.", which will display the word "Enter" 
in bold.

And there is "Press the <item type="keycode">Enter</item> key.", which 
behaves like the second case for now.

But in the end, the last one let us play with more possibilities in css 
styles, no? (I am not sure, just speculating).
I am thinking about an underlying background of a key, for example.

And yes, I am experimenting a bit here and there to find out best 
solutions and practices.

So yes, carefull reviewings and criticisms are very welcome.

And things like "<emph>Print </emph>icon" - l only say kerning and 
spacing in the resulting text.

I would like to extend/expand help textes by the way, while also 
reducing translation work by using the embedding feature instead of 
translating the same sentence several times again, but honestly, I have 
no clue how that works.

I also changed my workflow to work file for file, hope that helps, at 
least in my case for merge conflicts I cannot solve online, but also for 

Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Sophia Schröder
German Language Team
Help Files Debugger
IRC: SophiaS

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