Debugging issue #118842

Julien Ropé jrope at
Mon Jul 23 15:03:55 UTC 2018


  I am currently working on issue #118842 

  The problem is the following: when you paste formatted text from the 
web browser into calc, then undo the paste, the rows height is not 
restored. Copying from calc itself doesn't cause this error.

  Simply restoring the lines height will be enough. I actually added a 
call to "AdjustRowHeight()" after the undo to verify that, and this 
removes the problem... but I hardly call that a fix :-( I'd like to 
understand when they're supposed to be restored and why they are not.

  My understanding so far is that the "undo file" generated before the 
paste is copied back in place when we make the "undo" (in the 
"UndoToDocument()" function). The process is very similar in the 
"working" and "non-working" paths, so I expect the problem to come from 
the content of the undo file.

  Could the "undo file" contain the already modified heights? How can I 

  If lines height are not in the undo file at all, how are they supposed 
to be restored?

  Is there a way to catch when the lines height is modified?

  Any answer / pointer for these questions are welcome.

  And obviously, if you think of other leads I should follow, I'm 
willing to learn them :)

  Best regards,


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