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Tue Jul 24 03:30:48 UTC 2018

As of a few weeks ago, LODE was working. You just have to be careful to
follow every step carefully.

You might find some helpful developers on IRC or you can try to fix it

Assuming you are in the lode/dev/core folder, if that make command is
failing, you likely missed one of the setup steps. I'd start by repeating
the steps starting with: "./setup --help" when you are in ~/lode

If that wasn't it, maybe you clone failed. You can verify the status with a
"git pull" and a "git status". 

If that fails, then I'd remove "C:\cygwin" directory and repeat the steps in
the wiki from ".\install_cygwin.ps1" in MS PowerShell. 

Just be sure to read the results of each command and following the
associated instructions on the wiki and it will work. 

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