How to insert extra and hidden information for each element of document via LibreOffice API?

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Thu Jul 26 18:41:53 UTC 2018


When I think of UML, I think of a graphical representation. Your
description leads me to believe that you will have a "text"

My first thought was user defined attributes

OK, so what supports that? I did not look into it, but, some
possibilities might include (assuming that my guesses from the link
above are accurate), 

1. A text section. I was hoping that a paragraph
and it seems that it does NOT. You could create a new text section for
each bit, since it looks like text section would contain this (but I did
not verify). 

2. Paragraph Style. The bad thing is that it looks like
it would be on a style, so, you would need to create a new style for
each item of interest. I have two comments on this. First, you could
embed an XML UserDefinedAttributes for each paragraph style that you
create. Second, you could embed simple information (maybe) into the
style name. 

3. You could place the UML into a text table with a "cell"
for each identifiable part and place an attribute into each cell
properties object. I have a simple example of this for a a Calc cell in
OOME4, but I have not test run it against a text table cell. 

Is the
user expected to edit this data in any way? If not, then you could embed
the entire original UML as a user defined attribute as a single user
defined attribute attached to some element (such as a style that is not
otherwise used). 

Your comments lead me to believe that you are not
able to choose some formatted text method to embed the data of interest
that might be bale to parse from regular text. 

No idea if this is of
any use, but.... maybe. I have not tried any of these suggestions to
make sure that they work. HTH. 

On 2018-07-24 7:20, MUNOZ JULHO
Yupanqui wrote: 

> Hi everyone, 
> I am working with the Eclipse
Papyrus team on a UML to odt generator. Besides one way generating, it
should be able to handle bidirectional synchronization between these two
> For reaching this goal, I need to map each model element
with its respective doc element. For example, a package name will be
transformed to a section in a document or a comment in a paragraph. I am
looking for a way to reference the UML element from the odt document,
for example adding the ID of the UML element to an odt "paragraph". 

> In the users mailing list, Regina Henschel, suggested me to use
bookmarks. It is a good idea, but, if is possible, I want to hide this
> Does anyone have another suggestion? 
> Best
> Yupanqui 
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