ODF specification for border around text portions

Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at ubuntu.com
Mon Jul 30 07:48:15 UTC 2018

Hi Regina

Thanks for bringing this up.

What would be nice to have is an equivalent feature of the "between" border
element, as described in [1]

An example document using this is in bug #104345 [2] and we currently don't
seem to have a similar feature neither on the UI nor in ODF.

So, if we could have a copy of this, that could be good for

[1] http://officeopenxml.com/WPborders.php
[2] https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=104345

Best Regards
Gabor Kelemen

2018-07-30 0:36 GMT+02:00 Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at t-online.de>:

> Hi all,
> you can draw borders on portions of text in Writer. This is currently in
> loext namespace. I'm working to get this feature to ODF.
> I have noticed the problems described below, when looking what would be
> needed for interoperability with Word and what would be needed for EPUB
> export.
> I would be happy to hear some suggestions from you.
> Problem line height
> -------------------
> EPUB: EPUB uses XHTML and CSS3. Border, margin and padding does not
> influence the line-height calculation in CSS. Therefore the margin-,
> border- and padding-box might overlap previous or next lines. But the text
> inside the box is always regularly visible. Overlapping happens in document
> order. The border will be painted on top of the previous line and the next
> line will be painted on top of the border.
> MS Word: Word acts different. If the line-height is proportional (e.g. 1.5
> lines) the distance between lines is increased, so that the entire box fits
> into the line. The additional space is distributed so that the text in the
> box has the same baseline as the text outside the box. If the line-height
> is fixed (e.g. 24pt), the height of the box is reduced (not the border
> width) so that the border might overlap the text inside the box. The border
> is drawn on top of the text.
> LibreOffice's line height implementation has currently bug
> https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69647
> Problem line break
> ------------------
> EPUB: If the text portion, which has got border, margin, padding is split
> so that the start of the text portion is in line A and the end is in the
> next line B, then the border box is split in CSS. That means, that the box
> in line A has no right border and the box in line B has not left border (in
> ltr script).
> MS Word: Word acts different. It enclosed the text porting in line A with
> a complete box and encloses the text porting in line B with a complete box
> too.
> Currently LibreOffice follows the way Word does it.
> Kind regards
> Regina
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