Calc - Debugging issues in undo

Julien Ropé jrope at
Mon Jul 30 15:55:30 UTC 2018


  I am currently working on issue #118842 
( and #39217 

  Both are related to the copy of formatted text from a web browser, and 
then using "undo".

  The first issue is that rows' height are not restored with the undo.
  The other one is that images copied this way are not removed with the 

  I was able to work around the first by forcing a call to 
"AdjustRowHeight()" after the undo, but it doesn't address the root 
cause, so I'm not sure this can be called a fix.

  For the second, I think the image creation doesn't trigger the 
creation of an "undo action" at all - only the text is registered in the 
  I've tracked the image creation into the scfilt library 
(ScEEImport::InsertGraphic()), but it doesn't looks like the right place 
to manage undo actions. Now the caller (ScImportExport::HTML2Doc()) 
doesn't have a clue that a graphic has been created, so I'm not sure how 
it could handle the undo part...

  All in all, I think I lack some better understanding of how the undo 
management is performed in LibreOffice.
  Do you have any suggestion / documentation to help me troubleshoot this?

  Best regards,


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