Looking for TextPortion, TextField clarifications

Jens Tröger jens.troeger at light-speed.de
Tue Mar 13 00:38:45 UTC 2018

Thank you, Michael!

> > >   * What about the TextPortion types “TextFieldStart”, “TextFieldEnd",
> > >     "TextFieldStartEnd"? I’ve seen them in documents, but can’t find
> > >     documentation on them.
> this is the "field-marks" horror, which is an attempt to preserve
> Word-like fields in Writer.

I can see these fields wrapping a reference to a footnote, but without
useful ref information in UNO.  Using the Writer app, these fields are
grey (as other valid references are) but nothing shows when I hover my
mouse-pointer over it (valid references would show the target).

> > >   * Calling getString() on a “TextFieldStart” returns a ^G and for
> > >     “TextFieldEnd” a ^H. Their IsCollapsed property is False. What’s
> > >     with that?
> this is a bug in the horrible field-marks code - this implementation
> detail should never be visible in the API.

Is this bug going to be fixed at some point?  Will the fix make
reference information to the target available?


Jens Tröger

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