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Sun Mar 11 18:59:40 UTC 2018

Hi everyone !
I am Shubham Verma and I am a junior year engineering student pursuing my
Bachelors in  Computer Engineering at Delhi Technological University,
Delhi, India. I go by the username shubhamverma1997 on irc.

I am a C++ enthusiast and have done courses in the same. I  also do
competitive programming and usually do it in c++ so I have to keep updated
with algorithms and data structures in c++. I am also a top contributor at
'Codechef Discuss' a competitve programming forum run by an Indian Company
Directi. Previously, I contributed in open source repositories under
hacktoberfest by digitalocean.

I started using libreoffice a few years ago and since then wanted to
contribute to it. The codebase looked quite intimidating at first but I
have started getting used to it now that I have started to explore and
implement various things. I have already solved 3 bugs and currently I am
working on the 4th one.

I am interested in "100 paper cuts" and it will be a lot of fun solving
diverse bugs in the libreoffice codebase. It will be a lot of help if
someone can guide me with the appropriate material to be able to do so.
Also I am open to suggestions for other ideas too.

Thank You
Shubham Verma
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