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Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Thu Mar 15 10:02:19 UTC 2018

Hi Ekansh,

Ekansh Jha píše v Út 13. 03. 2018 v 18:26 +0530:

> I was writing proposal and got stuck, it would be great if I can get
> to know the specific deliverables for the task(as smart art feature
> is big, so what exactly should be introduced), bugs  or any document
> related to it. 

What you are describing in the text below is the correct understanding

The specific deliverables for the task is that you need to generate
test documents in MSO, each document for one diagram type, and create
unit tests that assert that each document lays out the same in
LibreOffice as it does in MSO.

When this is done, the next step will be to enhance Impress in a way
that it is possible to create the diagrams directly there.  That is a
big task, so not sure if we get further than just 1 basic type there;
but the more you do there, the merrier of course.

> About bug, 
> I have gone through some files in
> ffice/core/tree/oox/source/drawingml/diagram and till now what I have
> understand is, I have to
> a). Improving the rendering of the shapes(if there is any such
> shape) 
> b). Add some SmartArts : Some smartarts like composite, cycle is
> already implemented in diagramlayoutatoms.cxx. Basically
> diagramlayoutatoms.cxx include cases which needs to be implemented
> with the algorithms mentioned in OOXML Documentation.
> I also want to ask about producing logs, I am doing these following
> steps :
> 1. Building debug by ./ --enable-debug --without-doxygen
> then make debugrun. Please let me know if I am building it incorrect.
> 2. Setting required environment variable - in this case :
> export SAL_LOG=”+INFO.oox.ww8+WARN”
> How will I get the logs that will helpful in fixing rendering of
> shapes or such problems.

You of course need to do the export SAL_LOG=... before you do 'make
debugrun', the log will then output to the console.

> According to I
> have to work on
> 2902 as a part of SmartArt editing in impress, but there are no such
> code pointers or any such lead that can help for this bug.

Yes - this is for the 2nd step described above, when we have unit tests
assuring that we are importing all the diagram types correctly.

Does that help?

All the best,

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