Development of Calc Solver interfaces

Giacomo Nannicini giacomo.n at
Tue Mar 20 16:25:10 UTC 2018

Hi all,
the COIN-OR foundation, that supports the development of open-source
mathematical optimization software, is organizing a workshop at the
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications in Minneapolis:
Libreoffice Calc has an interface for some COIN-OR software, via
coin-mp. There could be other opportunities to integrate COIN-OR
software into Calc: for example, Excel has SolverStudio:

The goal of the IMA workshop is to jointly discuss future development
plans for COIN-OR software, and do coding sprints with common goals.
We are inviting people from various organizations related to COIN-OR,
including MathWorks, Julia, and so on; and there will be experts on
COIN-OR software. We would be happy to get Libreoffice developers

If there is an interest in participating to the workshop, please let
me know. Ideally, we're looking for someone who is familiar with Calc
Solver and its interfaces, and is willing to work with other people to
improve/streamline existing interfaces, develop additional interfaces,
or improve the integration/interaction between optimization software
and Calc. Remote participation could be possible. We should be able to
fully support travel expenses to invite one developer from within the
US, possibly from Europe: but I am not going to promise anything about
the level of funding until everything is finalized :-)

I am not sure how your development teams are set up, but feel free to
discuss here or get in touch directly if you have questions.



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