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On 15. 03. 2018 03:06, Mert Tümer wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Mert, I am a university student and i want to be in GSoC'18 
> with LibreOffice. I have been working on the Android Viewer for 2 
> years and i have submitted bunch of patches since I started working on 
> it until today. I mentioned my candidacy before and i was asked to 
> submit a c++ code too, which i did. Again today i felt that I need to 
> mention it again because students' application period started.
> Please consider my application.
> Thank you!
Sorry for the late reply.

I looked at your proposal today and it is a little vague. Can you please 
write a plan and a timeline what bugs you want to solve and in what way 
or what you want to work on (could be your own ideas or bugs/features 
you find they are lacking) in the time of GSoC. As you finalized your 
proposal I suggest you write it in a different document and send the 
link here as I think you can't modify that anymore.
> PS: link to my contributions: 
> <>
> Regards,
> Mert Tümer
Tomaž Vajngerl
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