Testing UNO API service properties

Jens Carl j.carl43 at gmx.de
Sun Mar 25 04:40:08 UTC 2018

Hello List,

This related to my efforts to convert the Java UNO API tests to C++.

UNO API service passes properties in two ways as beans::XPropertySet or 

beans::XPropertySet is easy to test with the provided methods 
getPropertyValue() and setPropertyValue().

Sequence<beans::PropertyValue> are little more problematic, because you 
have to iterate over the sequence and depending of .Name execute the 
tests fitting the property type.

Also because it's a Sequence you can change the .Value despite in some 
cases the property is marked read-only. See 

In general is the intended behaviour, when a UNO API service passes the 
properties as Sequence<beans::Property>, that values are read-only?
Regardless that it's possible to change .Value. I so far didn't find 
anything in code that point to something happens when I change a .Value.



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