More Shapes for LibreOffice (Easyhack)

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Tue Mar 27 07:12:25 UTC 2018

Hi Muhammad,

asking every day on the mailing list and BZ is not helpful. As a GSoC student you are expected to be a smart developer, able to dig into the code, and to find code pointers yourself. That might be time-consuming and one question makes sense, perhaps someone knows the answer off the top of the head. But that happens not too often.
Personally I'm sad that you don't benefit from the latest blog posts about easy hacking [1]. Even when it's labeled terminology you could have taken the idea into a search for "School & University", for example, that reveals two references with a starting point to the right directory [2].
Last but not least I'm neither a developer nor your mentor. And while I really appreciate any work on bug 87892, solving a design only easyhack is not a proof of your coding skills to me.

Sorry if that sounds too harsh, you are still welcome.


On 26.03.2018 16:51, Muhammad Ahsan Faheem wrote:
> Hi LibreOffice Community,
> I have applied for GSoC to work on LibreOffice development. Right now, I want to work on an easyhack /"Bug 87892 - More shapes for LibreOffice draw are needed" . /Hopefully, I will also understand the code by working on this easyhack. I have built libreOffice successfully and just want someone to tell me from where to start? I mean which part of code is responsible to fix this easyhack?
> Thanks,
> Ahsan
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