Manifest.xml for 64bit LO

Richard Webb richard.webb at
Tue Mar 27 09:58:59 UTC 2018


I have a question related to this, if this is an ok place to ask. 
I have successfully built a Windows C++ extension that contains both 32 and
64bit libs, and seems to load the correct ones based on entries based on the
manifest.xml. However, if I try to limit the supported platforms by adding a 

<platform value="windows_x86,windows_x86_64"/>

to decription.xml, then i get an error about the platform being unsupported
on win64.

Not sure if i'm just doing something silly or if something else is wrong
though? (A quick test would suggest that the $_ARCH macro is set to X86_64
where the previously mentioned dp_platform.cxx seems to look for x86_64 on
Windows64, if that could be related?).

This is on LibreOffice (x64).

Richard Webb

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