More Shapes for LibreOffice (Easyhack)

Katarina Behrens katarina.behrens at
Tue Mar 27 12:40:01 UTC 2018

> As a GSoC
> student you are expected to be a smart developer, able to dig into the
> code, and to find code pointers yourself. That might be time-consuming and
> one question makes sense, perhaps someone knows the answer off the top of
> the head. But that happens not too often. 

Stating perhaps the obvious, the word "student" is derived from the verb "to 
study" ( = "to learn") i.e. it is someone who is learning things, not someone 
who is expected to know them already. Fortunately, most of GSoC mentors are 
aware of that.

Moreover, "smart developer" is usually someone with multiple years of coding 
experience (and sometimes even that ain't enough *smirk*). In my particular 
case, this is some 12+ years of experience and I still need to ask other 
people for code pointers sometimes. Nobody expects me to always find them 
myself, quite the contrary. 

Asking for help (in contrast to banging my head against the wall ad nauseam 
'cause I don't understand the code) is somehow smarter use of resources I 
have. Again, most of GSoC mentors know this and encourage students to reach 
out when they're stuck.

> Last but not least I'm neither a
> developer nor your mentor. And while I really appreciate any work on bug
> 87892, solving a design only easyhack is not a proof of your coding skills
> to me.

IIRC, adding new shapes AND new categories to gallery in tdf#87892 requires 
some non-trivial knowledge of build system and it is neither "design-only" nor 
"easy hack" ... oh wait, you already mentioned you were not a developer ;-)

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