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Saurav Chirania saurav.chir at
Sat May 5 09:44:41 UTC 2018

*Hello community!I am Saurav, an undergraduate from IIT Dhanbad, India.
I’ve been selected in this year’s GSoC to work with LibreOffice [1].I’ll be
working with the UI Testing framework. The first task will be to log the UI
actions in a log file according to a Domain Specific Language. Then, the
next task will be to automate the replay of the same actions using the
generated log file.I am ready with a fresh build of LibreOffice and am
currently browsing the relevant code parts to get more knowledge about the
different UI elements and how events work in LibreOffice.The timeline I
proposed in my GsoC proposal is at [2]. Suggestions regarding prioritising
of tasks, refining of the timeline or anything else to improve on are
welcome! You can contact me on the IRC channel #libreoffice-dev (nick:
chirania) or by sending me an email.Looking forward to an enjoyable
summer!Regards,Saurav Chirania[1]
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