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Just one small thought on top of this:

Groups / hirachy of actions are relevant:

This means:

- I inserted a picture, but this picture is not relevant. I want to delete
the picture and all the actions with the text.
  - The same is true for text formatting or changing things while being in
a dialog.

Being able to edit it is a big feature.... So from my POV:

Every element needs to have an ID and every action can depend on a other

To keep it simple hirachy (which is the same as a depends on) might not be
necessary... But would be nice for grouping actions....

>From my point of view a editor for the DSL would be required to ensure the
quality and expressiveness of the DSL.

Thanks for considering it.



Terrence Enger <tenger at iseries-guru.com> schrieb am So., 6. Mai 2018, 21:43:

> I am adding QA list to recipients, because I can foresee this work
> being useful in the preparation of bug reports.
> On Sat, 2018-05-05 at 15:14 +0530, Saurav Chirania wrote:
> > *Hello community!I am Saurav, an undergraduate from IIT Dhanbad, India.
> > I’ve been selected in this year’s GSoC to work with LibreOffice [1].I’ll
> be
> > working with the UI Testing framework. The first task will be to log the
> UI
> > actions in a log file according to a Domain Specific Language. Then, the
> > next task will be to automate the replay of the same actions using the
> > generated log file.I am ready with a fresh build of LibreOffice and am
> > currently browsing the relevant code parts to get more knowledge about
> the
> > different UI elements and how events work in LibreOffice.The timeline I
> > proposed in my GsoC proposal is at [2]. Suggestions regarding
> prioritising
> > of tasks, refining of the timeline or anything else to improve on are
> > welcome! You can contact me on the IRC channel #libreoffice-dev (nick:
> > chirania) or by sending me an email.Looking forward to an enjoyable
> > summer!Regards,Saurav Chirania[1] https://tinyurl.com/yba6cnpc
> > <https://tinyurl.com/yba6cnpc>[2] https://tinyurl.com/ydgax9vk
> > <https://tinyurl.com/ydgax9vk>*
> Whoopee!
> Please let me offer some random thoughts.
> I have often been unsure what I did to provoke LO to misbehave:
> sometimes my attention was absorbed by actual work I was doing,
> sometimes I had given up trying carefully to reproduce a bug report
> only to see the bug come up later.  So it would be good if the logging
> is cheap enough to use routinely during regular work.
> For a couple of reasons, I expect that the log file will not replace
> the STR in a bug report: (1) The log file will contain irrelevant
> operations, everything from a slip-of-the-fingers corrected promptly
> to completely different tasks imposed on the user during the LO
> session.  Determination of just which operations are relevant may be
> tedious, but confidence that the misbehaviour can be reproduced will
> justify much more effort than would mere knowledge that LO misbehaved
> once.  (2) Part of the QA process for bug reports involves testing
> older LO versions.
> From this, I conclude that it is important that the log file be
> decipherable.  Indeed, for the preparation of bug reports, the
> automated playback is mostly important for proving that the bug is
> reproducible, thus motivating the decipherment of the log file.  So,
> an easily readable log file is better than one which is hard to read,
> but the difference is less important than one might guess.
> If the log file is not easily readable, then we would eventually want
> a program to express it in user-level terms.  As a hack, this program
> might not be quite "easy", but it could be undertaken so that it would
> not hold up other work.  Perhaps it could be so specified that
> language-level programming knowledge (as opposed to knowledge of LO)
> would be sufficient for the task.
> Thank you, Saurav, for undertaking this work.  Is there a place where
> we can follow your progress?
> Terry.
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