tdf117433 COUNIF doesn't count cells after first column in range for empty criteria

Winfried Donkers winfried.libreoffice at
Tue May 8 13:17:40 UTC 2018

Hi Eike,

On 05/08/2018 02:52 PM, Eike Rathke wrote:
> In sc/source/core/data/dociter.cxx:ScQueryValueIterator::GetThis()
> ScQueryCellIterator::GetThis() that is..
Sorry for that..
> Would it be a good idea to add a boolean mbDontSkipEmptyCols to
>> ScQueryValueIterator which is only set to true for e.g. ScCountIf
>> (ideally only when empty cell is part of the query, but I don't know
>> if that can be achieved simply).?
> It shouldn't need another parameter, just evaluating also
> rItem.mbMatchEmpty there should be sufficient, so
>              while (!rItem.mbMatchEmpty && pCol->IsEmptyData());
> (untested)
Well, that's the way I will be going then. Thanks!


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