Initializing default paragraph properties in writerfilter

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Thu May 17 08:26:56 UTC 2018


On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 10:35:08PM +0300, serdar tunc <serdarot5 at> wrote:
> I want to initialize default just for "Text body" in OOXML. I couldn't find
> anything in applyDefaults() function. I've tried to add this line in
> StyleSheetTable::ApplyStyleSheets
> if (sConvertedStyleName == "Text body")
>     pEntry->pProperties->Insert(PROP_PARA_LINE_SPACING,
> uno::makeAny(sal_uInt8(100)),true);
> I can change whole documents paragraph line spacing but not "Text Body".
> Can somebody help me about that?

I see a conflict here: on one hand you say you want to change the
default paragraph properties, but on the other hand your proof of
concept code changes a single style. Which one is your goal?

The ideal situation is that you only modify the document model (during
import) based on information from the input document, not based on some
external knowledge. Sometimes you can't avoid that, but it's good to
minimize such cases.


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