Broken --with-help=html `make packageinfo`

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Wed May 23 11:09:57 UTC 2018

There's a `make packageinfo` target ("generates package information for 
distros" according to solenv/gbuild/ which I'm not sure 
who uses it, if anybody at all.

With the current state of --with-help=html configuration (to have 
offline help content bundled with LO and displayed through a browser 
application, which isn't the default yet), what I assume the intended 
output of `make packageinfo` (namely, the files under 
workdir/PackageInfo/) is not correct:

For one, the workdir/PackageInfo/help-*.files are completely empty.  For 


are listed in workdir/PackageInfo/l10n-*.files instead of 

If anybody uses `make packageinfo` they need to get that fixed if they 
use --with-help=html (explicitly now, or implicitly in the future when 
that eventually becomes the default).

If, on the other hand, nobody uses `make packageinfo`, we should rip 
that out.

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