[Bug 75025] LibreOffice 4.3 most annoying bugs

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--- Comment #119 from tommy27 <barta at quipo.it> ---
one year and few months later 30 of the 36 residual historical MABs are still

here's the updated list, feel free to retest to see if some of them is still
reproducible of not.


Bug 36799: If you insert an envelope into a document only the envelope is
printed (Mac OS X)

Bug 37315: cropped pictures in .docx file are mangled and in wrong place

Bug 40780: Impress Animation Sound Effect not played after file moved

Bug 44725: VIEWING: Heading - Footer - Pagebreak lines appear somewhere in
the page

Bug 48409: FILEOPEN LibO 3.3 documents shows Writer OLE object contents shifted
right/down in object after edit of object because of page border issue

Bug 53473: Embedded HSQLDB calls flush (CHECKPOINT) too often

Bug 54933: EDITING Report builder: mouse-move control: gap between mouse

Bug 55018: FILESAVE: Joined cells in table cause table distortion after save to

Bug 66209: inserting/deleting rows: data integrity problem when sum of the
charts of the opened documents exceeds the Options->Memory->Number of objects

Bug 66581: XLSX embedded objects do not get imported (just icons, not

Bug 67347: FILEOPEN: MS .pptx Textbox with stacked text imported wrong size

Bug 69593: FILEOPEN: PPTX import with shapes causes text to disappear

Bug 70809: EDITING: Selecting with mouse: too fast changing to next/previous

Bug 72072: text not rendered fully (cut off) when editing 90deg rotated

Bug 72504: EDITING: Unable to edit .odb file with non-local URL

Bug 72604: Fax-Wizard - Personal Data are only partial adopted

Bug 72776: FILEOPEN writer doesn't show the chart numbers nor parts of this
docx file

Bug 72988: Impress template not rendered correctly (vintage, metropolis,

Bug 73805: EDITING: Layout Loop when writing into a section with 3 columns

Bug 74934: 'Install' button in update dialog is never activated

Bug 75209: FILEOPEN: Impress pictures not displayed in slideshow

Bug 76389: Calc: Used AutoFilter not highlighted when set in Calc and saved
as XLS

Bug 78370: RTF File Imported Incorrectly - Pages Being Merged (Overlapping)

Bug 79538: PRINTING: Images move when printing/creating PDF

Bug 82009: PIVOTTABLE: Black color on fields of Pivot Table Layot window
(Mac OS X only)

Bug 83309: FILEOPEN: text paragraph indentation/tab stops in .DOCX displayed

Bug 86321: EDITING, FORMATTING: diagram didn't automatic update when change
variabele (recalculation not triggered)

Bug 87360: Spacing to content should be disabled for images

Bug 89853: When opening .PPTX impress file, and then resaving as .PPT file.
The Smiley/drawing clipart is not shown.

Bug 90070: Adding a border and spacing to content shrinks the size on an

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