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Jan-Marek Glogowski glogow at
Thu Nov 1 12:35:37 UTC 2018

Am October 30, 2018 9:29:57 AM UTC schrieb Michael Meeks <michael.meeks at>:

>* Release Engineering update (Christian, Xisco)
>    + 6.0.7 rc3 status

I was told yesterday that 6.0.7 final is already tagged and out. If not, I ask to include the fix for tdf#119020 "Icons are corrupted on Windows when scaling UI / OpenGL"
It's actually not Windows specific and the fix is simple IMHO.

I have two additional bugs / patches for icon handling, where I would like to get input. Would appreciate some input from design and marketing. /me hopes for not much bike-shedding, so I added some proposals, which are hopefully acceptable.

1. Change the icon scaling algorithm quality from ::Fast to ::Default or ::Best quality in
* Proposal: just try ::BestQuality in 6.2 and eventually revert, if it turns out to be too slow?
* Is a slow first start acceptable, like comments in tdf#119020 suggest?

2. Deliver SVG icon sets
 * SVG icons supported since 5.3, but we don't ship the icon sets
 * Initial WIP patch:
 ** See long commit message and additional comments
 * Proposal for 6.2: ship extra SVG variants, so a user can select them manually but still switch to PNGs on problems?
 ** Defaults to pixelated PNG scaling, as status quo
 * Current patch provides zips for the SVG directories and automates links.txt creation for them
 ** Should a user explicitly select SVG themes?
 ** Should SVG be the default, so we can get rid of the PNG icon sets, if SVGs exist?
  ** Or automatic fallback, when we need to scale, so we combine both types in a zip? Icon may change when scaling.
  ** Are the PNG variants actually pre-created from SVG?
  ** For OpenGL scaling is actually done in HW with shaders.

I won't make it to ESC today.


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