: libEGL required

Jan-Marek Glogowski glogow at
Mon Nov 12 17:19:56 UTC 2018

Hi Patrick,

Am 12.11.18 um 17:47 schrieb Patrick Jaap:
> A try to build LibreOffice on an Ubuntu 18.04 machine and ./ stops with
> [..]
> checking for gobject-introspection... yes
> checking for eglMakeCurrent in -lEGL... no
> configure: error: libEGL required.
> Error running configure at ./ line 296.
> On my system are
> libegl1-mesa-dev
> libegl-mesa0
> libegl1
> libegl1-mesa
> libnvidia-gl-390
> installed. I have some trouble with my nvidia driver. Can this cause the error? I don't know how to
> continue here... I reinstalled the libraries and nvidia driver. Maybe someone knows something!

The NVIDIA binary drivers replace all OpenGL libraries.

They have to bring the same symbols, so I don't know why "eglMakeCurrent in -lEGL" fails. Maybe they
split the libraries and used different dependencies to work correctly. I guess configure just uses
objdump to look for the symbol, which won't (can't?) follow depending library chains.

My suggestion would be: use schroot and build LO in a clean environment. My build schroot is ~3GB
size. That way the LO build won't interact with your main system and you should be able to still use
the NVIDIA binary driver on the host.


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