Changing soffice.bin to be console application on Windows

Kaganski Mike mikekaganski at
Mon Nov 19 15:38:07 UTC 2018


Currently soffice.bin on Windows is built with subsystem set to GUI. 
This creates a number of problems, including impossibility to output 
--version/--help into a text using command like

soffice --help > somefile

(or do similar things piping the output to other commands in batch 
files); absence of debug output in the console (if not launching from 

I have prepared a patch making soffice.bin a proper console Windows 
application: The patch also 
introduces a new launcher (in addition to existing 
soffice.exe). That is to make possible to call soffice from command 
line, and have proper console launcher for that call.

I now ask for opinions from those who might know (or suspect) why that 
is a wrong move. Thank you for reviews/opinions!

Best regards,
Mike Kaganski

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