Deprecated Cups parts in vcl in Debian x86-64

julien2412 serval2412 at
Sun Nov 25 20:16:40 UTC 2018


On pc Debian x86-64 (testing) with master sources updated today +
enable-dbgutil + gcc 8.2.0 + libcups2-dev 2.2.9-2, I got several deprecated
error: ‘const char* cupsGetPPD(const char*)’ is deprecated: Use
cupsCopyDestInfo and friends instead. [-Werror=deprecated-declarations]
         OString aResult = cupsGetPPD(m_aParameter.getStr());
/home/julien/lo/libreoffice/vcl/unx/generic/printer/cupsmgr.cxx: In member
function ‘void psp::CUPSManager::runDests()’:
error: ‘http_t* httpConnectEncrypt(const char*, int, http_encryption_t)’ is
deprecated: Use httpConnect2 instead. [-Werror=deprecated-declarations]
              cupsEncryption())) != nullptr )

See attachment  deprecated_elements.txt

I took a look to Cups API but don't know how to fix this.
If someone interested and has some time...


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