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Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at
Wed Nov 28 15:18:25 UTC 2018

Hi all concerned in writing Help pages!

I patched the LibreOffice Help submodule code with the following
extensions to XHP

Class Paragraph-like

<h1> ... <h6>

<note>, <tip> and <warning>

Class Character-like

<keycode>, <menuitem>, <input>, <literal>, <widget>

All these extensions above are documented in the XHP reference page in,_Authoring_and_Editing_Openoffice.org_Help/3

Patch is


In any case these extensions break the existing markup and contents.

Please do not change existing contents based on these extensions, it
will force a useless re-translation.

However, it is OK when updating contents,  and use the opportunity to
also apply the extended markup.

Kind regards


Em 22/10/2018 07:55, Olivier Hallot escreveu:
> Hello everyone concerned on writing Help pages
> After significant amount of time spent writing and fixing Help pages
> (XHP), I came to conclusion that the Help XML (XHP) is a powerful markup
> but a bit too hard to master for newcomers and easy to have errors and
> mistakes slipped in files. Some of its complexity are not absolutely
> required so I wrote a wiki page suggesting the implementation of XHP
> extensions, aiming to make life simpler for adding and reading XHP
> contents textually (markup).
> Please note that in any case the current markup is affected, so it will
> preserve the legacy contents as well as the current translations.
> For example, the new markup for 'tip' paragraph should be
> <tip id="123456" xml-lang="en-US" localize="true">
> so it can replace
> <paragraph role="tip" id="123456" xml-lang="en-US" localize="true">
> Yes, it is a trivial change but I hope it will make reading easier for all.
> Handling of the XHP extensions will be in the XSLT transformation and it
> will be patched accordingly, as well as the DTD, wiki documentation on
> XHP, and string extractors for Pootle.
> The wiki page is
> And comments are welcome, do's dont's, thumbs up or thumbs down.
> regards

Olivier Hallot
LibreOffice Documentation Coordinator
Comunidade LibreOffice 
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - Local Time: UTC-03:00 

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