[API CHANGE] css::i18n::XCharacterClassification::parseAnyToken() and parsePredefinedToken() new css::i18n::KParseTokens::GROUP_SEPARATOR_IN_NUMBER

Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Fri Nov 30 20:26:45 UTC 2018


To solve
where in a Writer table formula a group separator entered instead of the
intended decimal separator lead to wrong calculations instead of error,
the css::i18n::KParseTokens constants have a new bit added,

This changes the runtime behaviour of calls to
css::i18n::XCharacterClassification::parseAnyToken() and
parsePredefinedToken() that do not have the bit set, citing from the
description documentation in offapi/com/sun/star/i18n/KParseTokens.idl:

    If this bit is set in <em>nContCharFlags</em> parameters, the
    locale's group separator characters in numbers are accepted and
    ignored/skipped. Else a group separator in a number ends the
    current token. A leading group separator is never accepted. If
    an accepted group separator was encountered in a number
    (ParseResult::TokenType is KParseType::ASC_NUMBER or
    KParseType::UNI_NUMBER) this bit is also set in

    <p> <strong>NOTE:</strong> absence of this bit in
    <em>nContCharFlags</em> changes the default behaviour that in
    prior releases accepted numbers with group separators but lead
    to unexpected results when parsing formula expressions where the
    user entered a (wrong) separator that happened to be the group
    separator instead of an intended decimal separator. Usually
    inline numbers in a formula expression do not contain group

The default for this flag instead of a negated default (continue to
parse away group separators if not set) was chosen because of that
formula expression context mentioned in the description, which this
parser is usually used for.

Happy parsing


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