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>  * Google Code In for pre university students from 13 to 17 (Thorsten)
>    +
>    + organizations can apply between Sep/06-17
>    + we need agreement from mentors
>      + official categorization: "Code, Documentation/Training,
> Outreach/Research,
>        Quality Assurance, or Design"
>    + we have to prepare a list of bite-sized tasks; needed with the
> application

Looks like we already have a list of some tasks which was made in 2015 -

Other tasks which might be used for Code-in -

Build LibreOffice from source code on your machine
Remove copy-paste codes (tdf#39593)
Convert manual tests to automated UI tests (tdf#107501)
Write a blog post explaining any ten reasons why our clang plug-in might
cause a build failure when we upload our code to Jenkins (e.g. unused
variables, unnecessary parentheses, redundant cast, etc.)
Convert tests to python (tdf#97361, tdf#97362)
Include Gerrit link in bibisect log (tdf#84479)

In fact, I feel many other bugs in Bugzilla with keyword topicCleanup can
be used as tasks for GCI.


>      +
>    + mentoring mostly from UX, QA, translation ? (Thorsten)
>      + if you think it is useful & have cycles
>      + can look into the sign-up myself.
> AI:  + discuss in the staff meeting (Sophie, Heiko, Xisco)
>      + deadline is the 17th.
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