Review for "tdf#67248 Use localized layer name only for display in UI"

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Fri Sep 14 17:44:45 UTC 2018

Hi all,

this is about

The problem described in "Bug 67248 - FILEOPEN Layer with reserved name 
vanishes when changing UI language" has its reason in the fact, that LO 
uses localized layer names internally. So when you use a layer 
"Hintergrund" in an English UI and someone else with a German UI opens 
the file, the layer Hintergrund has vanished, because the German UI 
interprets "Hintergrund" as standard layer. Or another test: In an 
English UI add the layers "controls" and "background" (notice the lower 
characters at start of the layer name). Save the document and reload it.

In the long run the name of the layer should become authoritative for 
identifying a layer, so that we can omit "SdrLayerIDSet" bitfield at 
least in Draw/Impress. Therefore I have started to change the 
implementation to use the real layer names; that are those names, which 
occur in the saved file. That makes the layer names unambiguous.

But that is a deep change. And therefore I want to ask you, whether you 
agree with this approach. I have started work for to test, whether it 
would work at all. The result is in the mentioned patch 60507. It fixes 
the bug, but has still some UI deficiencies and tests are missing. But I 
will not go further, until I know your opinion.

In case you agree with the approach, it would be nice, if you reported 
all problems to me, which you have noticed while reviewing the patch.

Kind regards

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