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Hi Alexander,

On 18/09/18 10:26, Alexander Bock wrote:
> I would be delighted to join one of the hackfests if time allows. Is
> there a schedule available somewhere?

	We typically have one in Hamburg at some stage in the year - which
would be near you; the ESC minutes have details on all of those as they
come up (posted to this list weekly). We also have a larger hackfest in
Brussels before or after FOSDEM - which is an excellent conference to
attend anyway =)

> I know of EUSPRIG as well and theirĀ horror stories
> <>

	Some good stories there =) Thanks for the list of conferences.

> Do you run any of the generated OpenCL kernels in parallel or do you run
> a normal sequential recalculation and call the kernel code as necessary?
> I would suspect the latter given the information you have provided so far :)

	Only in very recent times (the last generation) has typical GPU
hardware become capable of running multiple kernels simultaneously
and/or pre-empting running kernels. This leads to amusing situations -
whereby moving the mouse while a long running sheet calculates would
simply not be able to render - until a Windows / TDR was triggered. We
had to come up with heuristics to break down the CL workload into
bite-sized chunks to avoid this. More modern hardware doesn't have this
issue though.

	And yes, we use CL when we think it makes sense - based on weights and
complexity of the relevant formulae. Otherwise we use the old
interpreter (or now its threaded variant - again depending on complexity).



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