Why is syntax error 'assert(false, "some text")' not discovered by Visual Studio?

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Wed Sep 19 06:04:08 UTC 2018

But even if assert(e) expands to nothing, the compiler should report an
error if you pass two arguments to the assert macro that takes just one. At
least Clang on macOS and gcc on Linux do:

assert.cpp:5:17: error: too many arguments provided to function-like macro
  assert(false, "sdsdf");


assert.cpp:5:24: error: macro "assert" passed 2 arguments, but takes just 1
   assert(false, "sdsdf");

In the NDEBUG case, where assert is defined as:

#define assert(e)       ((void)0)


# define assert(expr)           (__ASSERT_VOID_CAST (0))

Regina, try adding some very obvious syntax error, some foo bar zap, after
the assert(false, "Standard layer may not be deleted.");, to see if that
line even is compiled.

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