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Sat Sep 22 17:19:33 UTC 2018

Hi Alexander,

On 21/09/18 12:57, Alexander Bock wrote:
> Yes, that’s very close :) Thanks! I can see there is also a tentative
> LibreOffice Conference

	Sure, we do this each year - always fun; this year in Albania -
starting early next week: do join us. Next year's location to be
announced but will happen.

> The threaded variant you refer to is the one from the slides right? As I
> understand, the interpreter is not fully parallel but runs cell
> arrays/formula groups in parallel.

	Correct; so far. Always more to do there. We'd love help as well - if
you have students interested in the more vexed engineering of
re-assembling our aircraft in-flight =) the interesting (and partially
solved) issue of more deeply unwinding the implicit intersections for
more precise dependencies and a decent view of the dependency graph is
something we'd love help with eg.

	While Calc seems daunting, it's really only ~400k lines of code and
attacking a reasonably well understood problem (vs. say writer layout =).



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