Gitiles VCS browser

Luke Benes lukebenes at
Tue Apr 9 16:13:43 UTC 2019

Why have you not answered my question about returning the Commit Bot back to cgit? 

Gitiles is wasting our time. For example, just now I followed the commit bot link on tdf#42949 to

In North America the paged timed out while trying to load. So I had to stop open cgit, and manually construct this link:

Which surprise, surprise loaded instantly. Why must we use inferior tools that slow down our workflow for QA and developers? At least in QA, most of us are volunteers that would rather not spend our time copy and pasting to use the tools that we all prefer. Please return the bot to cgit. 

Follow the links below and you will see that both developers and QA are currently pasting cgit links into our bug tracker.


>From a QA workflow perfective, Gitiles is inferior in every way. On IRC -dev no devs spoke out in favor of Gitiles over cgit, and here the best defence from a developer here has been "it doesn't hurt". Please put back cgit to allow us to work more efficiently. 



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