Build fail on Libgpg-error on Windows with gawk 5.0

julien2412 serval2412 at
Tue Apr 23 14:31:03 UTC 2019


On Win10, I updated Cygwin package and had the update gawk 5.0
The build failed because of the use of "namespace" as var name + wrong

It's been fixed upstream (see
but the last release hasn't included yet this fix.

I fixed Windows build locally by taking parts of the patch.
I haven't checked yet my gawk version on Linux (Debian testing).

Now I see 2 different actions possible:
- wait for next release of libgpg-error and include it on LO
- patch LO so it's ready for gawk 5.0 (but is it ok with gawk < 5.0)

I thought about checking if libgpg-error is still useful, it seems used by
gpgme which is used in xmlsecurity.
Now I'm not sure what to check.

Any thoughts?


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